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We all remember how scary it was to get shots as kids, and it can be difficult as a parent to see your child afraid. With some preparation and kid-friendly explanation, you can lessen your child’s fears and ease the anxiety that comes with shot visits.

Arming yourself with research and knowledge brought you to the decision to vaccinate your child. Educating your child (when they are ready, usually around age 5 or 6) can also help them to understand why quick, painful pokes in the clinic or doctor’s office will help prevent icky illnesses and long hospital stays.

Show your child that vaccines help them stay healthy, so they can play outside and enjoy their favorite activities with these fun coloring pages, videos and games!

How Vaccines Work animation
Show your child how vaccines work to keep kids healthy.

Solecitos Flu Videos
“Solecitos,” popular Spanish-speaking sun characters, encourage Colorado kids to get flu vaccinations.

Freddie Fox gets his chickenpox shots!
8 printable pages of coloring, word hunts, mazes and other activities from Immunize North Carolina.

Vaccines and Me
19 printable coloring pages about vaccines and germs in English and Spanish from the Texas Department of State Health Services Immunization Branch

Your Friends at the Zoo Say…Immunize by Two!
16 printable coloring pages from Every Child by Two

Preparing for Vaccination with Sid the Science Kid
PBS’s Sid the Science Kid helps kids prepare for their shots in a special episode titled “Getting a shot: You Can Do It!” This webpage also include a “Super Duper Antibodies” game, a printable vaccination certificate, coloring pages and an activity page.

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