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We understand that parents have a lot of questions about childhood vaccines. We also understand that as a health care provider, you face many challenges in reassuring parents-to-be and parents of young children that vaccination is the safest, best choice for their child’s health. With only a few minutes to calm their concerns and give the facts and science behind vaccines, it can be hard to know where to begin.

Immunize for Good postcards are targeted for expecting parents, new parents and parents of children on the childhood immunization schedule. Each of the postcards features a different shot-soothing tip, as well as the web address and information about what parents will find on the site. We encourage providers to offer these postcards to their patients before their child’s first shot visit, so that patients can visit and return to their doctor with informed questions. Parents will find the postcards helpful for easing their child’s shot pain and for gathering credible information at home. When parents are well-informed, health care providers can spend less time easing vaccination fears and more time on all the other ways you keep kids healthy!

Order resources for your practice at no charge from the Colorado Children's Immunization Coalition.

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