Vaccines in the News

Vaccines in the News

Whooping cough claims life of 10th baby in Calif October 19, 2010

Health officials say whooping cough caused the death of a 6-week-old baby in San Diego County last week, bringing to ten the number of babies who have died California during this year's epidemic. [+] more

Why fear of vaccination is spelling disaster in the developing world October 11, 2010
Anti-vaccination scares are as old as vaccination itself – but now they are putting lives at risk in the developing world [+] more
Vaccine and Medication Safety are Parents' Top Research Priorities October 11, 2010
Parents rate research on environmental effects, childhood diseases, and causes of childhood injuries less important [+] more
Vaccinations for kids vitally important October 10, 2010
Is it safe to get my children vaccinated? [+] more

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